modern curtains collection in Dubai

Traditional and modern curtains collection in Dubai

Curtains are a major part of interior designing of all types of buildings and spaces whether residential or professional. provides a wide range of curtains collection in Dubai for you to select the best one for your homes and offices. We have all types of designs and prints – modern and traditional to help you decorate your home and office perfectly according to the theme and look of your room. Almost everyone loves to decorate their bedrooms, living rooms and their work places. Curtains play the role of ensuring privacy and peace in the room and therefore, you must make sure to get the most suitable type, color and print according to your requirements.

You can get made-to-measure curtains or purchase readymade curtains from us and we guarantee to provide you with the absolute best result and product. Your requirements and specifications details will be given meticulous attention to make sure we stitch curtains exactly how you have imagined them to be for your room to enjoy a refreshing new look instantly. After the designing and stitching, you can get curtain installation services from us at a cheap price with guaranteed professionalism and quality. We have a team of professional craftsmen experienced and trained in curtain installation in Dubai.

We offer a variety of curtain stitching and accessories

Furthermore, we also offer curtains accessories in Dubai along with a variety of curtains types and you can select the best choice. It totally depends on your preference for modern or traditional look, the theme of your home or office, the amount of light you prefer, and the print you like. However, we cater to home curtains, office curtains, and villa curtains. Following are some of the main types of curtains we have.

  • Pencil Pleat Curtains
  • Double Pinch Pleat Curtains
  • Triple Pinch Pleat Curtains
  • Eyelet Curtain Stitching
  • Eyelet with Pinch Pleat Stitching
  • Easy Wave Curtains
  • Blackout Curtain Stitching
  • Poles & Tracks
  • Curtains Finishing Accessories

Select the type of curtain stitching you want for your house curtains and let us know the fabric, print, color and measurements as well so our craftsmen can get to work of curtain stitching for your and your redecorated residential or professional space. We are expert at luxury curtains stitching and designing as well. You can also take our free consultation to understand and select what’s best for your room!

variety of curtain stitching and accessories